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Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center



The psychologists and neuropsychologists of Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center offer a full range of diagnostic evaluations including neuropsychological evaluations, pre-surgical evaluations, forensic evaluations, developmental evaluations, psychological evaluations, and psychoeducational evaluations.

 ABA Therapy

Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center is proud to offer ABA therapy.  Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center specializes in the application of ABA technology to treat a variety of educational and attentional disorders. 


The clinicians of Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center offer several therapy options including individual and family therapy as well as parent training.  Our therapists utilize evidence-based techniques and work with the client to overcome challenges and reach personal goals.

Academic Support 

Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center is proud to include certified teachers among our staff. Our teachers provide structured, one-on-one training sessions which focus on building the necessary self-management skills needed for academic success.  

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1602 W. Pinhook Rd., Ste. 303

Lafayette, LA 70508

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