The SCHOOL ADMISSION EVALUATION outlines the intellectual abilities as well as the individual strengths and weaknesses of applicants seeking admission into private and parochial schools.  


The DEVELOPMENTAL EVALUATION is a standardized assessment which outlines a child’s development across a variety of domains including language skills, motor skills, social skills, adaptive skills, and intelligence.  Evaluation for the presence of Autism is available for children 18 months-old and older.


A PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION is a standardized assessment which outlines an individual’s cognitive and emotional functioning to determine potential causes, contributors, and treatment options.  This evaluation can be specific and focus on a specific diagnosis such as ADHD or it can be broad for the purposes of outlining an individual’s psychological strengths and weaknesses.


A PSYCHOEDUCATIONAL EVALUATION is a full standardized assessment which looks at all areas of a student’s functioning.  Whether it is a child in pre-kindergarten or a student looking to complete graduate-level education, the PSYCHOEDUCATIONAL EVALUATION, can identify challenges and solutions which may unlock a student’s potential.  


This evaluation is conducted with the patient’s prescribing physician.  It is useful when the effectiveness of medication is questioned or when a baseline level of functioning must be obtained prior to beginning medication. 

Other evaluations offered: neuropsychological evaluations, pre-surgical evaluations, pain evaluations, psychological evaluations, forensic evaluations